Prefix not able to work with prefix numbering?

Jan 16, 2012 at 11:07 AM

For a customer that want to use autonumbering I have tested this autonumbering solution. I am very positive about this solution, but I have one thing that looks not  to be covered in the current autonumbering solution.

For a lot of customers it is usefull to be able to set a (dynamic) prefix with numbering. For example the company uses the following variables for autonumbering on the Contact:

Prefix: CP
Prefixnumbers (numbers): 4
This means the following notation: CP0001

Currently I am able to set the prefix to CP000 and this works for the contact till number 9, but when we arrive at there the Contactnumber will be: CP00010. I / The customer(s) want to have that number noted as CP0010. So I / the customer would like to have a dynamic prefix for when using additional numbering. It looks like that the current autonumbering solution is not able work with this requirement or am I doing something wrong?

Look forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

Jan 18, 2012 at 9:26 AM

Hey There.

Thanks for using the solution.

As for the scenario listed by you, there are somethings to consider.

1. Autonumbering solution in simple is just some code to allow you to automatically increase the number by 1 and assign the value to some field for a crm entity. You could assign prefix if you want to but no necessary. Unfornately, it does not cover your case to limit the length of number in digit. You are welcome to modify the source code per Microsoft open license and suit your needs.

2. Prefix is still a fix. Normally it means it should not be updated later in runtime. Therefore, the prefix in your case is 'CP000' which will never change. It is also the reason you get CP00010.

3. In the example you provided. As your request, you will only have maximum 9999 records in total at the end if you are limiting the length of digits as 4 digit from 0000 to 9999