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Plugin Registration:

Register the plugin for contact entity. The following steps are using the contact entity as an example.

 Plugin Registration

Security Role Settings:

For instance, to setup the security settings for customer service representative with read and write of the counter entity if Customer service representatives are able to create contacts

Security Setting

Configuration Entity:

the picture below is the configuration sample for contact entity.

Entity Name: contact (the entity name)

Auto Number Property Name: new_contactid (the attribute name which records the sequence number)

Current Position: 0 to start with.

Apply prefix / postfix if any



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stella_lin Sep 23, 2013 at 5:05 AM 
Is it possible you can have counter id to be limited in each record?
For example, I want contracts to be numbered start from Con-001, then Con-002, then Con-003 under EACH Account...
Do you know what I mean? Thanks for the great solution.